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Daniel H. Pink, author of Drive and To Sell Is Human

“The rare book that is both a meditation and a road map. GOOD PEOPLE will strike a chord with leaders who are searching for meaning and purpose.“

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Dominic Barton, worldwide managing director of McKinsey & Compan

An important book that encourages dialogue on what goodness really means and how we can cultivate goodness in ourselves and others.”

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Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos

“An insightful look at how leadership and culture based on strong values translates into long term success.”

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Garry Ridge, WD-40, CEO

“It’s about people, it’s about learning, it’s about culture, it’s about tribalism. The number one responsibility of a ‘tribal leader’ at WD-40 is the success of his tribe members. Full stop.”

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What the Best Mentors Do. Mentorship comes in many flavors

Harvard Business Review

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Cue Ball Group Went Looking For The Next Starbucks…


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Five Ways to Become More Self-Aware

Harvard Business Review

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A Good Mentor Never Tramples on Big Dreams

New York Times

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Mentorship Is The Best Way To Retain Company Talent

Business Insider

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